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Stephen Montanez
02/08/16 12:02:15PM
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Hello all,

I am wondering what others are doing to wrap solid pieces of chocolate in foil. Foil wrapping machines are so expensive (around $30k for a used one) and are HUGE.

Currently, we have been having our employees wrap by hand. We get pre-cut foil squares and deal them out, like a deck of cards, onto a 1" foam mat (like foam used as a seat cushion). We then place the chocolate on the foil squares and press down on the chocolate so it sinks into the foam. This causes the foil to form around the chocolate and "pup up" and form around the edge of the shape we are wrapping. It is then wrapped the rest of the way around.

Using this method we can wrap anywhere from 300 to 500 pieces an hour (depending on the shape/size of the piece) per person.

Wash, rinse and repeat...

I just wanted to see if anyone else has any tips or techniques to share or had developed any tools to help move things along.


02/08/16 01:12:10PM
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I just place bars on the foil and then fold up and over. Usually can do about 4 a minute that way. Do you use this technique for bars? Certainly sounds interesting and I like your numbers, there is no way I can wrap 300 an hour, that usually takes me all day.

Stephen Montanez
02/08/16 01:21:10PM
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Thanks, the 300 to 500 an hour is for smaller pieces, like hearts in red and pink foil, or other smaller pieces usually less than 2" x 2".


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