Any tips for Spectra Melanging?

11/02/15 12:16:37PM
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Hi all,

We recently got our Spectra 100 set up and had a couple of questions.

(1) How do you pre-heat the bowl and wheels?

(2) Or do you just preheat nibs?

(3) Any suggestions on speed for first and second day?




11/02/15 02:57:08PM
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I find that preheating both the stone and the nibs (and keeping some heat on the bowl once in use) is very helpful.  I've never used the Spectra 100, but suspect the easiest way to do so may be to build a frame around it, and place a small portable heater inside it.

Speed is going to be a function of the details of your environment (how warm it is), your ingredients (how much fat is in them), and your formulation (lower fat formulas or those w/o emulsifiers will require a different approach than high fat, emulsified formulations).

Potomac Chocolate
11/03/15 08:53:48AM
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I currently use the Spectra 65. I don't have a good way to heat the nibs or the bowl, so I just use a heat gun to warm everything once I've added a small amount of nib. I usually run it for about 10 minutes or so and find that that heats things up enough to keep everything flowing until heat from friction takes over.