Chocolate Molds

Christine de Massis
01/28/13 11:14:52AM
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Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone can advice on where can i buy chocolate polycarbonate molds one where they have lots of varities and also professional truffle molds. Help please
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Duncan Ellinwood
01/28/13 12:54:09PM
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There are a handful of good websites where you can find them. I like:

Hope you can find what your looking for.


Andrea B
01/28/13 06:11:04PM
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You could also try JB PRince at

or Chef Rubber (

They both havea big selection.

Christine de Massis
01/29/13 10:18:58AM
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Thanx a buncj really helpful!
Christine de Massis
01/29/13 10:19:14AM
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Thanx i will check it now
Goran Vjestica
09/13/14 04:41:01AM
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Hello everyone, I need too plastic chocolate molds. Could you tell me where I can buy it?

Thanks lot!

Carlos Eichenberger
09/13/14 02:37:51PM
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In the multiple links posted above your comment...


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