Suppliers of custom chocolate bar wrappers

Trish Gowans
07/25/13 04:50:31PM
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Hi All,

could anyone advise me of companies supplying custom outer wrappers for chocolate bars? I am really struggling with this. Preferably in Canada but anywhere would be fine. I have a long list of packaging suppliers for boxes, foils etc. but can't seem to find anyone who does the bar wrappers. Thanks.

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Steven Shipler
07/25/13 05:27:47PM
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I would be highly interested in this for the USA also, so another thread does not have to be made. :) I got a quote from Dion labeling here in the US and it looked like for about 5000 wrappers with full adhesive it was about 20-25 cents per wrapper USA currency.

Info on this would be amazingly appreciated though. :)

mike johnson
07/27/13 02:52:08PM
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I called other bar makers & they said they just went to a local printer. I had mine done online. They came out great but not much help on advice. I have to make several changes on the next batch due to my lack of knowledge in such things. I am looking to a local printer so I can work a lil closer w/ them during the process. I don't know the cost difference yet.


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