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Alice Taylor
09/16/13 05:31:28AM
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Hello all, new to here. I am making homemade chocolates in Kenya, but the cost of chocolate is prohibitive here. Does anyone know where I can get it in Uganda/Tanzania? At the moment I am looking to buy large blocks of 70-80% chocolate.

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Julie Fisher
09/20/13 03:20:45AM
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Cacao is actually grown in Uganda and Tanzania, so it ought to be possible to buy cacao beans direct from the farms.

Now if you are only able to work with blocks of chocolate mass, then it must surely be possible to arrange a deal with a chocolate maker, who wants good cacao beans and or a contact locally. to swap one for the other in some way. I know that this may be a lot more involved than you had intended. But otherwise, that is why you have to pay so much more.

I would seriously look at the possibility of working with beans direct from the farm.

stephen sembuya
09/25/13 12:08:50PM
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Hello Alice, just seen your post inquiring about chocolates. Am from Uganda and i would gladly give you free cocoa beans samples from my farm. It will be cheaper for you to make the chocolates. You can reach me on or Tel: +256-774-133427


Stephen Sembuya


Gabriel Metz
09/24/15 07:21:56AM
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I will travel to Tanzania in October 2015, with the aim to visit cocoa farmers and learn more about cocoa plantations and post-harvest. Any suggestions of contacts would be most welcome. You can contact me by email

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11/02/15 10:03:43AM
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We are using the beans from Kokoa Kamilli, an excellent quality bean.

They are from Tanzania




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