Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate Woman
03/21/14 02:30:27PM
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Hello community. Can someone point me in the direction of a machine that can make peanut butter cups? Thanks!

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Clay Gordon
03/22/14 03:24:38AM
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CW -What kinds of production volume are you looking to do?FYI, generically, you can do these with what's called a "one shot" machine. Which one-shot machine is right for you depends on a number of factors - volume is one, the viscosity of the filling could be another, putting candy cups in the molds before filling might be the most challenging.

clay -
Chocolate Woman
03/22/14 11:36:03AM
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It will be pretty small scale probably 200/week to start off. The peanut butter will be rather thick. Thank you Clay!

Melanie Boudar
03/26/14 03:56:54AM
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I have an easy way to make these. Use a round magnetic mold or cup mold. Mold the shell. You can use a transfer sheet to jazz it up.For the filling I use 100 gr melted cocoa butter, 170 gr powdered sugar, 650 gr peanut butter and salt to taste. Blend well, pipe in molds. Bottom next day. Recipe good for 7 magnetic molds of 15 pcs= 105 per batch.Some people use peanut flour to replace some of the powdered sugar.I easily make and sell about 200 per week.
Chocolate Lover
04/22/14 10:02:43PM
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Hi Clay,

Are there one-shot machines available that are less than $100,000? I was considering buying one but after doing some research could not find one less than 100K (which is way too pricey at this point).


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