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09/13/14 04:58:19PM
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Hi all

I am looking for a company to make some private label bars for all our restaurants. We are looking for approx 3oz milk and dark . Does anyone know of a company that can help.


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Daniel Herskovic
09/14/14 01:39:25PM
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Hi there,

We create custom candy bars for various businesses and events. Please check out this link . Our work has been featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Epicurious, Candy Industry Magazine, and various other trade magazines. Let me know if I can help. Thanks!


Sue foster
09/14/14 04:54:22PM
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I do custom candy bars. Please check out

I can have molds made (any size) to your designs and have the wrappers to match. I do milk and dark chocolate with flavors. Please let me know if you have questions or need samples of my bars. You can contact me at Thank you!!


Davis Chocolate
01/23/15 08:42:16AM
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Hi Bill, at Davis Chocolate we can fulfill your private label needs that are customized to your tastes, from roasting, cacao percentage, inclusions and more. Small to medium batch sizes are not a problem. We can even help you with label design, if needed.

Best wishes!

Bob R
02/05/15 12:27:07AM
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Are you looking for couverture chocolate for chefs to use at the restaurants? Or just provide private label chocolate bars that customers can buy? or both?

I can provide both types of bars (and even the labels), including organic. The chocolate comes from a chocolate maker Ecuador where they sell (exclusively) to the top hotels & restaurants in Guayaquil and now some in Quito.

Let me know if you're still looking.  I can send samples, too.  


Heather Garza
06/30/15 04:07:03AM
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We can help if you are still looking. Info @ garzasgoodies .com is our email. Message me a time, contact name, and location/phone number to call and we will be in touch to see how we can best serve you and your clientele.  Hope your having a great day!  

Heather Garza
Garza's Goodies Chocolates Confections

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