Looking to purchase display case with temperature and humidity controls (65 degrees, 43%)

05/12/15 05:54:12PM
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Subject says it all really.  I need to display chocolate and am looking to purchase a display case (or two).  If anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale I would really appreciate it.

I have tried to use all manner of deli/refrigerated cases in the past and the results are terrible.  The chocolate display cases I currently use maintain a constant 65 temperature (the temperature of the ambient air is between 65 and 70 degrees year round); the cases we have never seem to vary by more than 1degree off 65 and the humidity stays within 2% of the target.

The chocolates look great and a week or two after we get them they taste and look great.  So I need something similar to what I have.

My problem is that the cases I have are no longer manufactured.  I've seen Federal (FCC6 is one model number) advertised but have no experience with them.  I'd also prefer to purchase used if I can.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Shannon Campbell
06/21/15 09:35:59PM
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Dale Anderson
07/24/15 11:06:55AM
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I recently replaced a used and no longer functioning candy case with one from Alternative Air. The new case was reasonably priced (relative to others I explored), and is very nice. It takes a couple of months to get one made, and they don't communicate much on progress, but I'm very happy with the new case. It dehumidifies better than my old one, and holds my chocolates perfectly.

Justin Schaffer2
08/08/15 05:03:24PM
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I just recently sold a FCCR-6 case. I know that doesn't help now but i just wanted to say that I loved the case!!! Top of the line and we didnt have any complaints... 

I have a FCC-4 availible but you would have to get the refrigeration portion installed. This was an option they said was possible when we bought both cases about 2 years ago. $3800 if your interested 


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