CLOSED Brand new 3 roll mill for chocolate production for sale

07/02/15 07:42:13AM
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Roller diameter 120mm, roller length 280mm. Hardened and mirrorpolished SS316 steel. Motor 1,5Kw. Machine weighs 450kg. Safety grill built over the rollers. CE certified! Comes with 12 months guarantee. High quality product. 2000$ incl. shipping cost.


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Ash Maki
07/02/15 09:27:03PM
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Hi there, We might be interested in the three roll... If you could message me at that would be geat. Thanks

07/03/15 08:27:00PM
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Hi guys we are also interested in the mill would you please send us more information? is it a three phase? or single?  Where is the machine located?

Please send us more info to

07/10/15 09:01:22AM
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It is a three phase engine. Will contact you both by email, Regards, Ewald

Potomac Chocolate
07/11/15 10:15:47AM
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I'd be interested in getting info on this mill as well.


09/11/15 07:36:13AM
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I am also interested on some info. Is that only one piece or do you have more available?



11/02/15 10:15:16AM
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Hallo Ewald,

I know it is an older thread but if still available or if you have more info for me I would appreciate it.

met vriendelijke groet

Emile (emile (at) zartpralinen . at)


Bill Copeland
01/28/16 07:28:52AM
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I interested if still available

06/01/16 05:24:48AM
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Hi, The 3 Roll Mill is still available, may you be interested.. Kind regards, Ewald Rietberg. It has mirror polished and hardened SS316 rollers, and a safety frill on top. CE certified and one year guarantee. Costs 1680 dollar excl shipping. Regards, Ewald Rietberg (

Clay Gordon
06/04/16 02:25:33PM
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Where is the mill located? And who is the maker?

clay -


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