Closed Selmi One tempering machine for sale

Patrick Cayer
07/09/15 06:50:52PM
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Looking to sell our Selmi One tempering machine. 2012 model Used just over 2 dozen times. 

Single phase 220v

Tank capacity 12 kg

Tempers 12 Kg of chocolate in 7 minutes

heated vibrating table

have difficulty uploading picture here: will send pictures

Price $6000 FOB Origin

updated by @patrick-cayer: 01/08/16 01:44:26PM
07/10/15 03:04:41PM
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 Hi Patrick 

Where is the machine located? is it 50hz or 60hz?

Would you please send us some pics and more info to


Thank you

Katie Wilson
07/10/15 03:39:29PM
18 posts

definitely interested, where abouts are you located. Please feel free to email me at

07/17/15 02:08:51PM
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I'm certainly interested as well, if you're able to send any pictures/location/ etc to

ben Johnson

Jennifer Smith
07/18/15 02:32:24AM
13 posts

Hi Patrick, I am also interested. Please email info to Thank you,

Cesar Jose
07/21/15 08:20:44PM
11 posts

Can you please send me some pictures to:     Thank you!

07/24/15 07:28:06PM
24 posts

Ciao! Add me to the e-mail list, please!

Akua Obenewaa Donkor
08/03/15 10:12:33PM
5 posts

Please can you send me the price  Thank you 

08/12/15 11:22:10PM
17 posts

add me to list too  and location please

Wilma Olive-Mills
09/21/15 03:01:40PM
8 posts

has this been sold?

mariano garcia
09/21/15 09:25:40PM
61 posts

im interesting!

Wilma Olive-Mills
09/24/15 12:06:51PM
8 posts

Can you get back to me I really am interested in the machine


Glenn Knowles
10/06/15 03:13:06PM
19 posts

 If your machine is still available, please let me know. Thank you.




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