FS - EZTemper for sale - Portland, OR

Steven Lawrence
03/02/16 12:46:24AM
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I have a new EZTemper that I'm selling. Purchased less than 6 months ago. It was used only once or twice. Mint condition and works like a charm! I found that I simply don't have a use for it as I have a continuous tempering unit. 

Here's a link to EZTemper if you'd like more info on it,  http://www.eztemper.com 

The unit is $999. new includes shipping. I'm selling this one for $875. plus shipping. 


Jennifer Smith
03/21/16 12:22:40AM
13 posts

Hi Steven, Is there room for negotiation on the price?  I would be interested if it were priced lower. Thanks, Jennifer

Quinn Bautista
04/18/16 05:51:04PM
3 posts

Hi Steven, is the EZTemper still available? If so, where are you located? Thanks. Quinn.

Steven Lawrence
04/18/16 08:21:49PM
4 posts

It is. I'm in Portland OR. Give me a call @ 503-896-0614

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
04/19/16 09:27:53AM
194 posts

Is the warranty transferable?

Steven Lawrence
04/20/16 10:55:54AM
4 posts

The warranty is not transferable. The machine is in mint condition.


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