Hilliard Little Dipper for Sale - Seattle

Lauren Adler
03/17/16 06:58:03PM
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Hilliard Little Dipper

$995 + $75 ground shipping in continental US (plus sales tax if purchased in Washington State)

We’ve graduated to larger equipment and no longer need our Hilliard Little Dipper chocolate tempering machine. This work-horse of a machine is an excellent upgrade if you’ve been using smaller tempering machines or are planning to temper between 1.5 lbs and 25lbs of chocolate a day. Plugs into a 120 volt outlet.

The machine uses two 100-watt lightbulbs as a heating mechanism, and they’re easy to change once you unscrew the metal backing on the machine. It’s also relatively easy to unscrew the baffle and the bowl for cleaning or changing chocolate, as necessary. Temperature is controlled by a mechanical knob and the tempering bowl motor is controlled by an off-on switch.

Contact Lauren Adler (206) 792-6799 or lauren@chocolopolis.com

12/21/16 11:52:06AM
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Is this still for sale?  Please contact at mizzouliana@gmail.com


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