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05/03/16 11:21:44PM
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Cherub Chocolate business is for sale for $39,000

This is a rare opportunity to buy profitable and established business in downtown Nanaimo. It has been open since May 2013 with continuous growth and development. The business has a recognized name, established reputation and loyal clientele. We are emigrating soon as a family and sadly have to move on.

What you’re buying is growing and profitable business with an active store in downtown, high traffic area with a full commercial kitchen equipped with up to date tools and machinery. Active website , active facebook page with 900+ customers.

The store has an on-site open concept kitchen and service area. The location of the store is in the core of downtown Nanaimo, on Commercial street with high pedestrian traffic from locals and tourists, opposite the art gallery. No competition in the area. Nearby all major hotels, Vancouver Island Conference center, Downtown farmers market, Diana Crull plaza, etc.

Training and support will be provided to ensure successful transition. One month with 4-6 hours daily practice to learn the necessary skills and 3 months of online support. Contact, suppliers, clients lists will be provided.

Our fantastic landlord is willing to extend the lease another five to seven years at the same rent.

The business is fully equipped with all the necessary tools, easy to manage and will last at least another 10 years. All equipment and tools are new or nearly new and in top condition and well cared for.

This business will be a great fit for somebody who enjoys being creative and being your own boss, excellent for retiring people or for somebody who is searching for the opportunity to relocate to the island.

We participate in all major food events and enjoy great local community support in downtown.

This business has established and loyal clientele base and even greater potential and opportunities which will be discussed with sales agreement.

You’re welcome to visit the store and try our product but please refrain from discussing the business sale with staff.

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements to be signed prior to release further information.

No financing available, cash only. Only serious inquiries please. Business will be available for sale for a limited time only.


Riadh Falvo
05/05/16 06:25:46AM
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I LOVE your chocolate shop. Wish you could pick it up and take it with you and hoping you are coming over to our side of the pond?


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