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Van Glass
06/15/16 03:46:19PM
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We have recently changed our packaging and I have several cases (approximately 10 of each type) of packaging that I am looking to sell.  These boxes were used for packaging truffles and are available in 1/8lb, 1/4lb and 1/2lb configurations.  Attached please find photos.  Note, these do not include the plastic trays, only the box and lid.  For more information on these boxes and the price I am offering please see below.

1/8lb - http://sweetpackaging.com/Candy-Boxes/Vinyl-Lid-Candy-Boxes/V204-2057 - 100 per case - $32/case
1/4lb - http://sweetpackaging.com/Candy-Boxes/Vinyl-Lid-Candy-Boxes/V208-2057 - 100 per case - $40/case
1/2lb - http://sweetpackaging.com/Candy-Boxes/Vinyl-Lid-Candy-Boxes/V215-2057 - 50 per case - $25/case





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