FS - Bakon Auto Tempering 45lb - Las Vegas

Jean-Marie Auboine
08/06/16 02:44:01PM
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Fully Automatic tempering machine Choco-Lution Bakon USA.

Touch Screen, 100 programs, Heated vibrating tables.

Pristine and just fully serviced by Bakon USA 2 month ago.

2 Years old. Works great and tempering 45lb Chocolate in 20mn.

Made in USA, ETL/NSF Certified.

The Choco-lution 110 is a fully automatic tempering machine. It can be equipped with the optional heated vibrating table or the enrobing belt.

  • Color touch screen for ease of use 
  • Completely made of stainless steel 304 
  • Motors thermally protected 
  • 3 language selection (English - Spanish or French) 
  • Selection of temperature unit in Fahrenheit or Celsius 
  • 110V / 60 Hz for easy power connection 
  • Programmable delayed start for better energy efficiency

Machines are in Las Vegas and can be shipped.

Tempering Machine New $19,500

I'm selling at $12,500

I have 2 units

Preston Stewart
09/13/16 12:23:15PM
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Interested in your machines.  Can you e-mail me at preston@hellococoachocolate.com for more details?


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