SOLD F/S -- Cocoa Pod Mould for Filled or Solid Chocolates
10/11/16 04:48:29PM
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Cocoa Pod Mould
For solid pieces or filled chocolates

These are in perfect condition

24 cavities per mould
5 available... $15 each

CocoaPod_1.jpg  •  1MB

CocoaPod_2.jpg  •  672KB

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Mark Gerrits
10/13/16 08:26:56AM
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Hi.  I am interested in the molds.  I see you have many items for sale.  Do you have an updated PDF with all the items?   If so, could you please send to  I live in Chile but will be in the US in a couple of weeks and would provide you with an address to ship the items.  Thanks!


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