For Sale--Chocolate molds and other stuff--Monmouth, IL Reduced Price

Jennifer Cooper
10/18/16 09:30:40AM
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I have about 20 polycarbonate chocolate molds in excellent shape, 2 ganache frames, 50 plastic chocolate bar molds, a caramel cutter with extra blades and spacers, an unopened pail of caramel, a silicone sphere mold in okay shape, and two big sphere hinged molds for sale. $450 OBO for the molds and $350 for caramel cutter and ganache frames. I am selling it all together and will not sell any of it separately. I can't afford to make chocolates any more just want all this gone ASAP. Free Shipping.

ganache frames.jpg
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Preston Stewart
01/25/17 11:40:10AM
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Did all of this already sell?  I'm interested if not

Jennifer Cooper
01/27/17 04:39:48PM
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Its all still available

Preston Stewart
01/27/17 04:41:57PM
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Questions on a couple things:

First picture is messed it a caramel cutter?

Ganache frames, what size?

What shape is the magnetic mold?

Jennifer Cooper
01/27/17 05:29:11PM
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ganache frames Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 30mm I have 2 frames

yes its a caramel cutter I attached the photo from where I purchased it.

Bevelled Rectangle Transfer Mold  Pieces per mold: 15 Piece dimensions: 1.13 x 1.38 x 0.50 in | 29 x 35 x 13 mm

PP1000L1.jpg  •  6KB

caramel cutter.jpg
caramel cutter.jpg  •  7KB

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