F/S - Santha 20 Melangeur

Tim Williams
01/08/17 05:18:43PM
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Santha Melangeur (capacity: 20kg, variable speed control, working condition: good) price: $1,000

St. Louis, MO. Prefer pick up. 

tim.williams1 (at) gmail dot com

Preston Stewart
01/09/17 11:50:41AM
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20kg or 20#?  Their website says the 20 does 20#, not 20kg.


Clay Gordon
01/09/17 06:50:57PM
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The stated capacity of most of these wet-mill grinders is the volume of the bowl.

The batch capacity (in kg) is typically 50% of the bowl volume. 20L bowl is ~10kg of chocolate.

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
Tim Williams
01/15/17 06:04:52PM
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My Santha melangeur has roller stones with 20cm diameter (8 inch), and the bowl capacity is 40 liters (10 gallon). I have made batches in it as large as 22kg (48lbs) and as small as 5kg (12lbs)

01/15/17 08:08:49PM
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Hi! Could you send me photo on battviacheslav at gmail com? Thank you

01/22/17 04:16:50PM
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Hi I sent an email to the email above. 

Tim Williams
01/23/17 07:47:33PM
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Hi Danielle2,

I did not receive an email 

williams.tim1(at)gmail dot com

or timw(at)qoqolat dot com



or phone

three 14 753 563 three


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