F/S - FBM Compatta, excellent condition $6,000 GREAT PRICE

Tim Williams
01/08/17 05:23:47PM
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For Sale: FBM Compatta Tempering machine, 12kg bowl


Located in St. Louis, MO

Pickup preferred

email me: tim.williams1 (at) gmail dot com

-       220V 60hz. (3 phase + earth) 60kW

-       Continuous tempering process

-       Night cycle

-       Electronic dosing device with repetitions

-       Removable screw pump

-       Switch to reverse run of screw pump (unload chocolate)

-    Vibrating table

I also have a phase converter available. Ronk Roto-Con Mark II. If you are handy with electrics or have a good electrician it can be hooked up pretty easily.

FBM 1.jpg
FBM 1.jpg  •  260KB

fbm compatta 1.jpg
fbm compatta 1.jpg  •  250KB

fbm compatta 2.jpg
fbm compatta 2.jpg  •  267KB

fbm compatta 3.jpg
fbm compatta 3.jpg  •  229KB

fbm compatta 4.jpg
fbm compatta 4.jpg  •  138KB

fbm compatta 5.jpg
fbm compatta 5.jpg  •  135KB

fbm compatta 6.jpg
fbm compatta 6.jpg  •  173KB

fbm compatta 7.jpg
fbm compatta 7.jpg  •  146KB

fbm compatta 8.jpg
fbm compatta 8.jpg  •  158KB

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01/12/17 04:51:07PM
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Hello Tim,

Would you tell me about your experiences with your Compatta?  

Please feel free to contact me at MizChocoBiz@gmail.com


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