WTB: Cacao liquor/ butter from Canadian distributor?

beth campbell
01/09/17 02:55:20AM
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due to the drastic exchange rate I am inquiring if there are any folks who might be able to supply me with fairly traded (doesn't have to be certified) cacao paste and butter within Canada.  I am currently using Ecuadorian cacao that I ship within the US and then drive over the border.  I would prefer to stick with Ecuadorian cacao (due to labels that are developed already), but if the source was affordable and consistent I would consider other options. I am located in rural Canada and therefore very limited in what I can access.  I am open to US sources if the price is better than my current supplier.  I am currently about to expand so my needs would be roughly 125 kilos of each for 6 months, and then probably an increase by then.

Thanks, Beth

Brad Churchill
01/13/17 02:56:03AM
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I make liquor and can get my hands on a number of varieties of Ecuadorian cocoa.

Shoot me an email at Brad@Choklat.com if you like.  Maybe I can help you out.




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