For Sale Stretch loops

01/13/17 03:47:45PM
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Stretch loops

Currently 5 cases of 10,000 each 

Selling in smaller boxes of 1000 each

Each loop stretches over twice their resting size.

See photos of resting state.  Works on a many different size boxes.


Total length including bow: 

Silver – flat 1/8” x 40”

Beige – small diameter 25”

Black Metallic Gold – 25”

Sable Gray - 22”

Gold – 13”

$20 per box of 1000 plus shipping.  Well below US pricing.

black gold.JPG.jpg
black gold.JPG.jpg  •  2MB

Beige2.JPG.jpg  •  1.9MB

Sable.JPG.jpg  •  1.9MB

Metal Silver3.JPG.jpg
Metal Silver3.JPG.jpg  •  1.8MB

Beige Box (2).JPG.jpg
Beige Box (2).JPG.jpg  •  1.9MB

Black gold box.JPG.jpg

Sable Box.JPG.jpg
Sable Box.JPG.jpg  •  1.8MB

Gold.JPG.jpg  •  2MB


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