F/S - HansBrunner Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds | 3.5oz, 3 cavities - Queens, NY

01/29/17 04:40:11PM
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I have 98 high quality polycarbonate molds for sale from Hans Brunner, Germany. These molds had been is use for about 2 years before we switched to a different size. Originally cost $25 each, selling them for $9 ($880 total). 

Happy to ship them to your location as well if you pay for shipping. Otherwise local pickup. 3 cavities per mold, each cavity is 3.5oz. 

Lmk if you have any other questions.

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Brian Mikiten
01/30/17 12:25:55AM
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I'd take 10-15. Let me know how to reach you directly. 


LUV Ice Cream
02/01/17 11:26:43AM
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We are interested in these as well.  Please provide contact info.

02/01/17 11:28:02AM
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Hi! Please contact me at fnk2103@gmail.com. Thanks!


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