SOLD F/S - Perfect melting and tempering unit with PUMP. (Custom built)

Virgilio Rubini
02/18/17 05:37:44PM
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Pulled from a production line. Fully operational.

Water double jacketed, stainless steel, unit. 

Includes PUMP. Manufactured by Perfect Equipment.

Asking 4,500 usd. obo. 

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Deb Morris
03/07/17 10:34:29AM
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Hi - Could you tell me when was it made, how much does it hold and where is it located?

Virgilio Rubini
03/08/17 11:37:50PM
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Hi Deb.

It was made in 2008.

FREE SHIPPING within US and Canada.


-melter temperer

-capacity :75KGS (220 pounds)

-permanent circulation of water

-electronic thermostat :

for melting temperature

for chocolate temperature

for keeping temperature

-stainless steel construction

-automatic control of inlet water and temperature

-drain valve



-security switch

LUV Ice Cream
03/13/17 11:11:52AM
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Is the pump a transfer pump or a metering pump?

If the latter, what is the range of the piston displacement per stroke; i.e. how many grams/oz per shot, min & max?


Jonas Ketterle
04/10/17 03:20:15PM
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Do you still have this? I'm quite interested. Could you contact me by email at What are the machine dimensions? And amperage requirements?

Warmly, Jonas

04/15/17 09:40:38PM
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Hi Virgilio, we are based in Vancouver and would be interested in all the items you are wanting to sell

thanks Trent


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