SOLD F/S Tempering machine + Vibrating table

Alek Dabo
04/10/17 09:00:39PM
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US$ 1,850 - 40 Pound batch Tempering machine from "Design & Realisation". 110 Volts US plug. Comes with wheel and vibrating table. In good condition. Works perfectly. Shipping in the U.S included

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Alain d'Aboville
Fine Chocolates

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04/17/17 12:13:44PM
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Where are you? I have been looking for a DR melter but I am unsure about the wheel attachment and I don't need the vibrating table. Would you be willing to sell the melter separately? Also, I am completely open to a hard sell on the wheel. What do you (or anyone else) think about it? Is it practical? DO you actually use it?

Thank you


Alek Dabo
04/17/17 01:08:41PM
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Hello Marta,

I am physically in the Dominican Republic, but sends via US Postal Service.

The wheel is necessary to use the melter as a Tempering machine because it mixes your chocolate and more importantly, speeds-up the cooling process. This is how I used it, sometimes leaving the chocolate inside for a week. As shown on the photo, I've cut the cover to be able to let the wheel in place. No problem if you don't want the vibrating table, but the wheel is what makes it a tempering machine. The price would go down 400.

You can my process atFaire son chocolat

Where are you? Looking forward to reading you.

Alain d'Aboville
Fine Chocolates
04/20/17 01:12:23PM
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Is this still available?  If so, can you tell me how old it is, and whether you have the manuals and all parts, etc.? Also, why are you selling it?  I have a small chocolate business that I would like to continue to grow, and am looking for a reliable temperer machine, an enrober/vibrating table would be a plus.

Karen/Aiken for Chocolate

Alek Dabo
04/20/17 09:19:13PM
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Hello Karen,

Thanks for your email. The machine is less than 5 years but Design & Realisation has not changed the model because it is sturdy and efficient. I have indeed all the parts, but there is no manuals. Operating it is very simple. You put water inside the base so that when the pan is in it, the water is around the sides. You can either put solid chocolate inside and let it melt via the electric heating system, or put already melted chocolate at about 45 Celcius (depending on the cacao percentage). Then you put the wheel in place and start it turning. Adding the gutter-like tap helps the chocolate cool down faster. Once the temperature is down to tempering level (around 30 Celcius) you heat the water again so that it stays slightly above that level while you work with the chocolate. You can see at the end of my video how it works -Faire son chocolat

I bought in Montreal where my kids live. I am selling it because after 3 years in the Dominican Republic (where cacao beans are great) for work other than cacao, we are moving for one year to a place without cacao. This will be our last foreign posting. Out plan is to then start a fully fledged chocolate business on a larger scale.

More details on the machine is available at

I hope this answers your questions. Do not hesitate to ask.


Alain d'Aboville
Fine Chocolates
04/21/17 07:02:32AM
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I have a few other questions.  I see in the video you put in already melted chocolate.  How long does it take to melt the chocolate in the machine, when filling to capacity?  And what is the capacity, 25 pounds (I think I saw that in the specs but I am not certain).  May I write you at your email to further discuss this?  I am very interested.  My email is  

- Karen

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