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04/24/17 12:19:59PM
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We sold our chocolate shop and are now selling some of the final items we kept from the sale.  We specialized in custom baskets during our time in the business and used a software which allowed us to create individual boxes for events or businesses.

Attached are some examples of the boxes this software allowed us to make and which we are selling.  The system uses MODPAC 1lb box lids and is the only size that is included in this sale.  You can design within the software (but seems limited and plain or import your design or image from another software such as illustrator, photoshop etc.  As long as you can save it in a jpeg format it will accept it.  Towards the end we would just purchase stock images and put the message in text over it, it was easier and faster then designing from scratch.  Many of our large clients actually just requested a template which we will include (digital) and their art department would design it and we would just print their design on to the boxes.

The company who made the software is no longer carrying it (discontinued), but does sell the sheets to print on and will continue to sell to those who need them (verified) as long as they buy the sheets in bulk (1,500 or more at a time).  Sheets are about 1.00 (little less) per box.  Our cost for a completed custom box (including modpac top and bottom, insert, candy pads, ink, and sheet was $3.83 which is crazy cheap for a custom box, needless to say none of our competitors had this advantage over us which allowed us to gain large corporate clients.  We would do the one offs from time to time but the bread and butter is in the large quantity orders.

We are selling the following items:

-SOFTWARE DISK (ran it on windows XP and 7)

- NEW Large format printer (Artisan 1430)

- Approximately 1,200 vinyl sticker covers (new) for 1lb. modpac boxes.

you can see some of our examples on our facebook page that's still up if you search "Pretzels Pleaze" or search google images you will see some of our work with these boxes.

The price for the new large format printer, stickers (1,200 +/-) and software is $1,500 USD, shipping should be around $45 bucks in the USA (ground).

if you have any questions you can reach me at: g.romanii@yahoo.com


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