F/S - 5 Heart Shaped Chocolate Molds, Rigid Polycarbonate CW2348 - Oakland

Kristian Salvesen
05/19/17 01:21:22PM
8 posts

Professional, high quality Chocolate World polycarbonate heart shaped mold. Lightly used.

Dimensions of Individual Mold: 33 x 34 x 17 mm

24 Cavities or 4 x 6 rows

weight per piece: 14 gr

Size of Frame: 275 x 175 x 24 mm

$75 + shipping

updated by @kristian-salvesen: 07/07/17 12:28:13PM
Sweet Impact Mama
05/20/17 04:37:29PM
14 posts

Hi there! Are you willing to break this lot up? I already have 2 of these and LOVE them, but don't need that many. I'd be interested in 4 or 5 of them. 

Kristian Salvesen
05/22/17 10:44:49AM
8 posts

I would prefer to sell them all at once but would be willing to break them up into two lots of 5 each.

Lynda Brent
06/01/17 09:46:40AM
11 posts

I would love to buy the other set of 5.  I'm headed out of town today and will return on Wednesday next week.  970.947.1099 if you want to call me on Wednesday next week.



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