For Sale chocolate piston dispensing machine, temp regulated

Patrick Cayer
07/10/17 02:20:35PM
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Hardly used filling machine, We used it for filling out chocolate moulds before moving to get cooled.

.33 oz to 10 oz piston filling machine adjusts by moving knob in the back. 

 Had a temperature controlled cover made to regulate the hopper to accommodate tempered chocolate, set it desired temperature about 30 minutes before using for production.

Hopper can hold 30lbs or chocolate

Full pneumatic control, easy to operate, manual or automatic,  we only used the manual foot pedal, easy to

easy to disassemble and clean, parts commonly found at plumbing/hardware store if replacements are ever needed

Single filling head,   but had a four-way heated dispensing plate made to fill two chocolate bars at a time

Asking price $1800 OBO 

shipping cost and arrangements are buyers responsibility

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Deanna Moore
08/25/17 02:34:14PM
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I'm interested in the dispensing machine. Please email me at Thank you! 




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