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07/14/17 02:48:14PM
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Hello chocolate people!

I work for a beverage manufacturer and we are currently looking for a partner who can make a chocolate syrup for one of our beverages.

We would probably require a custom blend; as we are extra over the top clean label, this would have to be made without any gums, stabilizers or preservatives. We currently make a very simple blend of cocoa, water and sugar but this is a messy hassle for us that we want to do away with.

We manufacture in Connecticut currently, although we plan to expand to the West coast as sales increase.

If anyone is interested in manufacturing this for us, or knows of anyone who might be, please send me a message here or my email is: ben.smith@harrisspice.com


Ben Smith

Brad Churchill
07/18/17 12:28:24AM
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Hi Ben;

Seeing as you are an "extra over the top clean label", you definitely don't want to use anything that has cocoa powder in it.  Cocoa powder is the bottom of the barrel in the chocolate industry - almost always a by-product of making cocoa butter.

A natural stabilizer doesn't mean the product isn't good. In fact sometimes the best ingredients NEED a stabilizer to remain in stasis.

As a chocolate manufacturer, I would take more pride in using xanthan gum, guar gum, or corn starch than stating that we use cocoa powder. Even the Aztecs and Mayans used stabilizers in their drinks.  Their stabilizers were in the form of starches (ground maize) in the drinks to make them rich and frothy.

...just something to think about.



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