Antique equipment

Dimond Atkins
05/24/10 12:03:23AM
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Hi everyone,
If you were located in the U.S. and was looking for an antique stone melangeur, where would you look?
Does anyone know where I could start; I've been looking through the post but no success.


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05/24/10 09:41:20AM
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I think there is one for sale in the classifieds here, but its pretty large.
Duffy Sheardown
05/24/10 11:01:03AM
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Check out the "Buy Sell group" and look for the April 15 post by Colin Gasko. Was sorely tempted myself but shipping to the UK would be expensive.
Dimond Atkins
05/24/10 08:08:41PM
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Thanks for the reply!! I looked all over and not sure how i missed that!


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