i need to buy frozen pulp of cacao fruit

Oswaldo Rosado
06/19/11 01:53:26PM
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dear Sirs,

I need to buy immediatly frozen cacau pulp frozen to do rich juices in USA.

Can you help me ot find it?


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Richard Foley
06/20/11 08:15:09AM
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This is a great idea. When I was in Hawaii, we drank some Cacao nectar that Sharkey had made from his harvesting. WOW, what a great juice, incredible I must say. I had the same idea. There is certainly a market for this stuff. The issue will be capturing this pulp or juice before too much fermentation, as in fact it is actually fermenting off the seeds and making itself into juice. The process of capturing this juice or pulp, and pasturizing or freezing it to keep it safe for consumption of further processing is the biggest problem. We buy fruit puree from a fruit coop in France. The fresh fruit is delivered daily to the coop for processing. If it is not able to process, they place the fruit in a huge warehouse air tight room, suck the oxygen out of the room and drop the temp to around 1 dec C, suspending the fermentation process until they can properly extact and process. I dont see any cacao growing regions having even an Igloo cooler let alone a setup like this, so other than nectar made on the spot on the farm, and consumed almost immediately, this is going to be a tough one to find. BUT PLEASE I WISH SOMEONE COULD DO IT, as it is great stuff going to waste.

I do know there is a chocolatier or baker in Hawaii that is making Cacao Nectar ganache, although I have not tasted, I bet it is great.

Our best bet would be to find some farmers in Hawaii willing to setup a small process treatment plant, and get it from there.

I can only imagine this nectar would be the most exotic juice in the world if made by someone.

When I was in Aftrica, the locals distilled it into home made moonshine cocktail.....not bad after a hard day of harvesting.

Richard Foley
06/20/11 08:17:14AM
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Oh I see now you are in Equador... must be some local farms there you can find who can treat this nectar the right way and pasturize or freeze...when you find, let me know... amazing stuff...we can drink it and will live forever

Ice Blocks!
06/21/11 02:13:38AM
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Count me in for a couple of litres :-)~

Some fiends here do fresh sugar cane juice and sell it at markets and in various shops. Boy do they have problems with it fermenting. I left a half bottle of it on top of my home refrigerator one day and by the time I came back from shopping it had exploded literally covering the kitchen.

What they do for shops is hard freeze asap after juicing and deliver frozen to shops refrigerators (which is quite common for many products here). Even then their longevity measures in days and they monitor shops fridges replacing fermenting bottles. They don't pasteurize as it spoils the taste in their opionion. Guess there must be some volatiles that are lost at 72 degrees C.

Seneca Klassen
06/21/11 02:34:31AM
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I've found frozen Cacao and Cupuacu(T. Grandiflorum) juices at Brazilian groceries in California and Hawaii, and I'm sure from there you could find a distributor. Or, if your Portuguese is decent, try this site:


06/22/11 08:12:04PM
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Hey Seneca, where have you found it in California?

Seneca Klassen
06/22/11 08:20:15PM
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In San Francisco I used to buy it at Mercado Brazil:


No info on southern CA, but with the large Brazilian communities in LA and SD I'm sure it's around.

brian horsley
06/24/11 07:01:21PM
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this stuff is the best drink in the world, it tastes like pear nectar but better. juice from pure nacional beans is less sweet and acidic, while ccn-51 and other improved clones are sweeter and more acidic. during harvest it is fantastic, i like to leave it overnight unrefrigerated, it foams up and a lot of the particulate impurities come out in the foam, the next morning its mildly carbonated and great for mixing with fresh orange juice.if you leave it for any length of time it does ferment rapidly. it loses flavor and vitality very rapidly. i don't know if pasteurizing would leave enough flavor to make a marketable drink. but they say that canned coconut water is popular in the US and i only like it fresh out of a coconut so who knows. cacao juice it makes a pretty good sweet fruit wine if fermented properly for 40 days or so.a funny story, when i first started in cacao we captured our first cacao juice and i thought i would try to ferment it. so we filled a few stoppered beer bottles but i didn't know I needed to let gas escape. so we left them sealed in the heat for 6 days. then my friend miguel opened one, all i heard was -- boom!!! I turned around and miguel had cacao juice dripping from his face, the cieling, the walls etc. atttached is a photo of the splatter pattern. always vent your fermenting cacao juice!!


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