Aluminium foil for chocolate

10/14/11 12:13:09PM
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Hello !

Do you know some suppliers of aluminium foil for chocolate in Europe ?

I have some difficulties to find this.

Thanks in advance !


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Duffy Sheardown
10/17/11 12:06:47PM
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Hi Maria,

Keylink in the UK sell foil and will cut it to the sheet size that you want. I did notice recently that the price has nearly doubled in the last 18 months so maybe there are better options.


10/17/11 01:07:37PM
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Hi Duffy,

thank you very much ! I have just sent them a message. I see on their website that they offer many interesting products.

Thanks again !

Samuel Maruta
10/25/11 09:20:36AM
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Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you have an opinion about foil vs. paper-backed foil vs. plastified foil and how you can certify the food-grade quality of your wrapping.



10/25/11 09:59:04AM
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Hi Samuel,

I think that you can use all the three, but I read that the aluminium foil for chocolate is the best for the conservation of the chocolate. When you purchase the foil or the paper, the seller has to send you a certificate or a document which prooves that is for food use. Here, I have to show this certificate if the authorised institution controls me.


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