Cocoa pods

Dirke Botsford
02/15/12 01:21:59AM
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Anyone know where I can get a couple of pods for display and education? Nothin on ebay so any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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Andy Johnson
02/15/12 02:50:18PM
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Check out they have cocoa pods for sale under their "CHOCOLATE" catagory.


Belle Fleur Chocolate

Ning-Geng Ong
02/15/12 07:14:02PM
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I would be happy to ship to you fresh / dried cocoa pods in any sizes, cut, uncut, at any ripeness, subject to harvest timing. Also available are leaves, flowers, etc. I have previously shipped to Marios Skyrianides, who is another member in Cyprus.

Richard Foley
02/16/12 01:07:45AM
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Qzina in Vancouver should have them or will send them from LA office to you. They have shells, beans open pods, and full dried pods. Call Ed.
03/17/13 04:07:39AM
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Hi Ning--

I tried fresh cocoa pods in Mexico and really enjoyed the pulp. Can you send fresh pods to the United States? How long do they last after being picked?



03/17/13 08:02:58AM
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Know that importation of viable plant material from outside of the US without a valid USDA APHIS permit will result in the shipment being confiscated at the border. Attempting to import plant materials illegally into the US may also result in you spending some time in a 12x12 windowless concrete room will a large man named Spider, and a fight over who gets which bunk.

Brad Churchill
03/19/13 01:58:58PM
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Hey.... You know Spider too? Wow! Small world. Tell him Brad says you can have whatever bunk you want next time or his sister doesn't get any more choklat! LOL

03/20/13 02:53:43AM
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Hi Sebastain,

Thanks for thehumorouswarning. Do you know if with an APHIS permit importation of fresh pods is permitted?



03/23/13 05:58:21AM
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Once you apply for the permit, it will be reviewed at your state and federal level, and the gov't will come back with a list of conditions under which you must agree to in order to import the material. If you agree to those conditions, yes, you can import fresh pods.

Easier would be to simply order them from someone in hawaii (perhaps sharkman here).


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