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Clay Gordon
02/01/15 11:07:55PM
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Updates and changes to features and functionality


February 1

  • Completed a module-by-module check of the quota configurations. Some features that were turned off for some quotas that should have been turned on, were turned on.
  • Did an integrity check of embedded YouTube videos. No videos were deleted, but there are 23 videos (out of 231) that may no longer be playable because their owners have made them private. Investigating what to do about those 23.
  • Changed the CSS formatting of links to make them more obvious.

January 31

  • Created a new profile quota that enables an organizational account to have multiple profiles and to link the accounts of other members of the organization to a shared profile. Turned on Profile Tweaks, FAQs, Profile Forums, Profile Groups, File Uploads, and Profile Pages for this quota. Visit @FBM-srl to see what this looks like. The features in this quota are going to be available to any member for a one-time setup cost of $50. For an annual fee of $50, Organizations will also be able to map a domain name to their profile enabling them to use and brand all of the community features of TheChocolateLife.

January 23

  • Added the text of Group Discussions to site-wide search and modified the Search Results pages to display them more effectively. This slows the actual search down but speeds up finding what you're looking for when the results are displayed.Overall it's a very positive improvement.
  • Worked with the developers to improve the Tag Cloud module user experience. Added links to the entire tag cloud in the top nav as well to the title bar of the tag cloud block on the home page.

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Hello Clay,

I would like to buy a FBM Prima. Are you the right person to contact?




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