COMPLETED FBM Prima error codes

Del Ward
04/07/16 08:38:26PM
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My prima just started beeping and flasshed the following. ALL rot A.05

I shut it down and restarted it and get the same result. Can anyone assist?



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Clay Gordon
04/07/16 09:14:03PM
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You need to turn off the machine (from the control panel on/off and the master Schneider switch on the back) and then unplug it for five minutes. The master Schneider switch is thermo-magneto-resistive and it needs to be unplugged in order to reset itself.

While you are waiting for the reset you will also need to open up the machine and press the blue stop/reset button on the Schneider LR2K0306 module(s) on the electrical panel. Depending on the electrical configuration there may be 0, 1, or 2 of them.

Close up the machine, plug it back in, and then go through the turn-on order. Everything should be okay. 

If not, empty the machine - especially the tempering pipe - and contact FBM on Skype at FBMSRL. They are closed now, but they will see the request for tech support when they arrive in the morning. You should also send an email to Carlo Roveda at explaining the issue. They'll get back to you when they arrive in the morning.

:: Clay

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