older machinery clearance

Domantas Uzpalis
08/07/15 04:32:57AM
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we are clearing our machinery and we would like to offer these machines:


Santha Melangeurs x 2 (capacity: 20kg, variable speed control, working condition: good)  price: $1.000 each

Laboratory three-roll refiner (water-cooled rollers, working condition: good) price: $3.800

Longitudinal conche (water-heated, 2 tanks of 80kg, variable speed and temperature control, working condition: good). Price: negotiable.

Please find pictures here: http://we.tl/EOCb0Zk7J1


you can contact here or domantas@mulate.lt

Katie Wilson
08/09/15 03:31:16PM
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sent you an email about the melangeurs, interested in both.



08/10/15 07:27:01PM
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I've seen all the equipment above - it's all in great condition.