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White Truffle
2010 truffle box
Salted Caramel
Rose Fudge



Laura Marion
04/21/11 05:15:27AM @laura-marion:
hi Elizabeth, where abouts in Australia are you ? do you have a shop ? i like the look of your work.
Rick Jordan
04/19/11 02:20:41PM @rick-jordan:
Thanks a lot Elizabeth, it is awesome to meet you!
Vercruysse Geert
06/02/10 11:25:54AM @vercruysse-geert:
Hello Aussie,I've got a hirer here in the same building as where I got my shop, and he is also from Australia. He ride horses for his profession and his name is Brian Cheffers, nice guy.Wath out! Valrhona, its Val (from Vally) and rhona Rhone (French region) nice to now not?GeertBelgium