Chocolate newby from Colombia

01/24/17 10:25:42PM
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Hi- just wanted to introduce myself. I'm part of a natural products company in Colombia and chocolate is one of our main products. We're currently looking into purchasing the chocolate bean-to-bar line to produce directly ourselves and interested in hearing ideas, tips, and more.

Andy Koller
01/25/17 02:24:04AM
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Hi holguinbock,
I have a friend who wanted to open a very small bean to bar manufacture in Colombia last year. But, in the last moment decided otherwise. Would be nice to know what your plans are and where in Colombia you wanna do it. If you wanna share here, great. I you wanna share more private, I can give you my email.
If you don't want to share at all, respected as well :)


05/25/17 12:58:06AM
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Hi an welcome to the forum. Good to hear you here