Looking for Antique Machinery -

Jason Godwin
01/04/17 11:07:12AM
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WTB - antique machinery for working chocolate factory museum which I'm currently building in southern Spain.

Ideally looking for a beautiful old roaster - Sirocco or Oeconom- GW Barth or Mottant - upto 120kg but twenty would be fine.  A cracker/winnower would be useful too.  

Many thanks.

Jason Godwin

Mayan Monkey Mijas.

01/06/17 11:52:48AM
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I saw this website has two similar ball roasters (and in Spain!):https://www.machinio.com/cat/ball-roaster

I feel like I had seen at least one of those machines listed on another site, too, though I didn't find it in a quick Google search. 

There are also these two Barths, though I'm sure they're more than you'd want to spend for museum display purposes:


Schokoma in Germany sometimes has old ball roasters, though there's nothing listed on their site now. You may ask them anyway, in case they just have something unlisted. 

Finally, I have no transaction history with these websites - nor any history buying antique roasters. I just stumbled across these recently while researching, and thought I'd share. Good Luck - sounds like a fun project.