Johnson Temperature Controller

Jennifer Smith
09/17/15 12:47:12AM
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I currently use an undercounter refrigerator with a Johnson temperature controller as a storage unit for my chocolate. I need more storage space and I'm wondering if anyone is doing the same, but with a full size commercial refrigerator? If so, can you tell me how well it is working for you?  How are you dealing with humidity issues?  Are there any special issues to consider?

Thank you!

Robert O'Byrnes
09/17/15 12:41:57PM
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Jennifer, I'm using a Johnson temperature controller in a 3 door Continental refrigerator.  I run a temperature of 45F and the humidity is 35 with no problems

Jennifer Smith
09/17/15 12:47:19PM
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Thanks Robert!  I appreciate the feedback.

Clay Gordon
09/17/15 07:47:26PM
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Jennifer -

You can get residential chest freezers really quite inexpensively. They do require a little more thinking about how you pack stuff into them, but it's hard to beat the cost per cu ft. The Johnson controllers work with these quite well.

clay -
Jennifer Smith
09/17/15 10:09:47PM
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Thanks Clay - That's a great idea!