coffee inclusions causing blooming HELP

09/12/16 03:30:05AM
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so i am kind of new to making chocolate. I have been using a chocovision delta for about about 2 years to make one ounce square bars. one of my bars is a mocha crunch bar. 55% dark chocolate with powdered local roasted coffee then I sprinkle the back of the bar with crumbled biscotti. its good. about 25% of the time i get an odd blooming. its not a sugar bloom and its not all the time and sometimes a bar will bloom when the bar right next in the mold will not. 

does anyone care to share some tips for making coffee chocolate bars?

09/14/16 07:28:29PM
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Nothing special required here.  Make sure your chocolate and coffee are about the same temperature when you add the coffee - if that's not it, then chances are you're not tempering your chocolate as well as you think you are, or you've got humidity issues.