Pairing Chocolates with a Tea Room

John Duxbury
04/30/15 02:32:46PM
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 Hello All.  Sorry for posting my previous post in the wrong forum  - (should have gone into tip & tricks).  Still getting used to the new site!  I may have an opportunity to sell my chocolate in a local Tea Room where they serve tea and gourmet sandwiches.  Any thoughts as to pairing chocolate with tea?  The only pairing that  I currently make is a tea & honey truffle.  Thanks for the help, John 

corinne mendelson
05/11/15 12:37:21PM
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I make pralines with an indian blend tea with hibiscus and spices and it is a hitWink

05/30/15 03:15:38PM
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Hi John!  I went into a chocolate boutique the other day that was part wine lounge, and thought it was fantastic - I'd definitely have some tea I were to wonder past such a spot, too.  

Something that may be useful to you is a tool such as or this one on  Other manufacturers may have a version as well, but it could be a start.  Good luck, sir!