Release / Separation Marks

Juliana Desmond
05/05/17 06:28:25PM
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I am making molded chocolate bars and keep having the same problem. These bars are not turning out smooth and shiny. I wonder if they are cooling too quick? These test batches are pure chocolate and not medicated. I wonder is the size 6"× 3" too big for an even temper? I hope its not the molds, because I just had these custom made thermoformed with our logo. Is it cooling too quick? I am tempering the chocolate but not sure the best way to cool it. I have always just cooled chocolate in a regular refrigerator, but I was also working with smaller molds.

I would really appreciate any help or feedback please.

Thank you! Juliana

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05/06/17 10:42:32PM
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Thinish thermoformed molds like these with large smooth surfaces often have issues with release marks. 

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