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I've been using a toffee recipe from...
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Andy Ciordia
04/28/09 10:55:39AM @andy-ciordia:
You sent a message to all of the Kitchen Confection crowd on shipping. I believe if people want products they'll pay for the additional shipping. It's important to warn of not being around when the package is delivered and you need to be shipping in a 3day window. Other than that we fire off and just do followups to make sure we're still doing right. So far with basic packaging and cold packs we're getting products to their destination "cool".
Gretchen Tartakoff
12/12/08 05:01:08AM @gretchen-tartakoff:
Hi Laurie,I would like to try a little because I've got a recipe for a brownie truffle I'm going to try and think it might be fun to do a Holiday version with the rouge cocoa.I'll get in touch.Thanks and hope all the events are going well. Are you including the Bucks County Chocolate Show in your New Year list of events? I haven't heard yet-hope you will.