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I am a chocolatier located in Ogden, Utah. My business is Chocolot, specializing in high-end chocolates and toffee. I have played in chocolate for more than 50 years and I learn something new everyday. I teach classes and enjoy the process of candymaking.

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Gaylene Steinbach
02/12/14 10:24:21 @gaylene-steinbach:

Hi Ruth! I am so glad that we are friends! :)

Karen Moore
07/01/13 20:56:09 @karen-moore:

Ruth, I don't know if this is the best way to get connected:) I followed the link back...Anywho, I'd be thrilled to ask a few questions. One of which is, what chocolate tempering equipment have you owned and liked/disliked? I am just starting up and am a bit overwhelmed at my choices. Thanks, Karen

06/25/13 10:23:56 @larry2:

Hi Ruth, Glad to be connected.

This has been a great site providing plenty of opportunity to learn. :)

Are you teaching any classes this summer? I think I saw some on your site/facebook page last fall, but it was after the fact.

I'm looking forward to meeting you sometime. My wife and sister in law went to your class at Gygis last November. They loved it.

We are down in Eagle Mountain (West of Lehi). No storefront yet, we are getting rolling through the cottage food program. But I've built a semi-commercial kitchen in my basement. :)

Vanessa Dionne
02/07/11 09:32:20 @vanessa-dionne:
When is the conference? Unfortunatelly I am still doing it part time, trying to push as hard as my body, time and sanity can handle, I would really love to do this full time, I hope it is going to happen for me soon, been waiting for so long.I will check the detail on the eg forum, would love to see you.
Vanessa Dionne
02/06/11 22:22:36 @vanessa-dionne:
Hi Ruth, trying to keep up. As usual your work is inspiring, your talent and your energy is amazing, hope to see you sometimes soon.
George Trejo
10/15/10 14:51:37 @george-trejo:
Congratulations on all of the Bridal Salon Awards!! Great Job!
George Trejo
09/06/10 18:42:53 @george-trejo:
Thank You!!
George Trejo
09/01/10 03:20:22 @george-trejo:
Hello Ruth,I like your packaging for your new bar line. Would you mine letting me in on your supplier?Thanks,George
Jessica Curzon
01/24/10 20:59:08 @jessica-curzon:
I don't have a business yet. I work as a nurse, and am hoping to get a business slowly up and running in the next year, focusing on truffles, caramels and toffees. I wasn't aware that Utah has a law that allows you to use your home kitchen. Can you tell me where to get that info? Also, where is Amano located?
kurtis baguley
07/12/09 22:55:25 @kurtis-baguley:
Hey Sweetheart, When in Florida, shake my cage !! I know you won't visit me because you so dig Norman.Friends always