FBM Aura for sale $4700 USD

03/06/18 12:21:39PM
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Hello Everyone. First of all, I would thank for the help I get 3 years ago when I started the chocolate adventure. It has been joyful! I ended up buying the FBM Aura.

I get busy at my daily job and now I am putting it on sale if anyone is interested. It is excellent for making chocolate bar. I used less than 15 times in the past years.

I made chocolate bars with Bible verses on for church and fundraising. Customized Moulds are for sale as well if you are interested. The machine makes beautiful chocolate bar:) and in great condition. (The only thing: When it shipped to me from Europe, the cord insulation is rubbed during shipping. Then FBM company sent me a spare cord just in case. But it might never need to replace.)

I am in USA, Indiana. It is Aura 220v single phase 60hz, with manual, instruction and vibrating parts. $4700 (USD) and you arrange shipping.

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