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Eater. Writer. Cacao preacher. 
Interested in origin process, particularly fermentation as it affects flavor.

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H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender
10/11/10 07:10:51PM @hc-skip-bittenbender:
Aloha Vaneesa Chang,Sorry I missed you comment in July 10. I'm not a good a socal network participant. That said if you have questions or comments don't hesitate to email me a .
Brian S. Ruggles
09/12/10 04:30:41PM @brian-s-ruggles:
I am always up for revisiting anything to do with chocolate. Perhaps we should get the inner circle together for some hyper-nerdiness. Think about it...
Alan McClure
03/23/10 07:36:53AM @alan-mcclure:
Hi Vanessa,Great to hear from you! I appreciate the compliment and I'm very happy to have Caputo's carrying my chocolate.Very best,Alan
Nick Frappier
03/22/10 05:20:41PM @nick-frappier:
Hi V. If a Tainori is like finding a $5, then how should I feel about the Patric Madagascar in my jacket? Thinkin the 67% is my favorite right about now.
Matt Caputo
03/22/10 03:53:37PM @matt-caputo:
Vanessa is a giant among chocolate connoisseurs! Bow to her ;)