How to deodorize cocoa butter???

Alan Caldwell
07/01/16 11:40:20PM
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A colleague of mine is trying her hand at cosmetics, however shes using a non deodorized cocoa butter. She says she can stand the smell, but has 50# of the stuff (I gotta agree with her, it smells like...not something Id put on my face, if I put stuff on my face...). She asked me to ask here... how do you deodorize it? Is it something she can do herself? heat or???



Clay Gordon
07/03/16 02:43:58PM
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Alan -

Cocoa butter is deodorized using one or more of the following methods:

  • High temp/pressure steam is used to drive off volatile aromatics.
  • Solvent extraction (e.g., hexane).
  • Using a flocculant (e.g., diatomaceous earth) to remove proteins (e.g., carotene). You then need to filter out the flocculant, along with any small particles of non-fat cocoa solids that may remain.

If you have a way to get the butter hot (over 70C), agitate it, and blow a lot of hot air over the surface, you may be able to drive off some of the aroma. Using the diatomaceous earth will make it lighter in color, but as I point out you need a filter.

clay -