WTB Bar Molds and continous Tempering Machine

04/21/17 01:43:41PM
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WTB- Looking for Bar Molds preferably cavity sizes of 1.5oz or less.  Also, if anyone knows of company that can make customized bar molds.

WTB- Continuous Tempering Machine.  Needs to be super efficient as it will be at a Mall kiosk.  I have not bought a tempering machine before.  I have seen the Selmi One online and thought it might work well because it has a pedal/depositor and tempers quickly.  It seems a bit high on the budget, but maybe that is pretty competitive.  I am open to other brands if it does what we need it to.  The main purpose at the kiosk is it will be used for molding bars onsite.  (definitely needs to easily deposit chocolate into bar molds and temper quickly, quietly, and efficiently).

We are in the Dallas, TX area.  Thank you so much!  Feel free to post here or email me directly at amyschocolategifts@gmail.com



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Eric K. Meredith
04/29/17 11:15:03AM
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They all are pretty much the same. You will HEATER Existing Temperature & then you have THREE (3) Separate setting for the THREE (3) types of Chocolates, from the HOTTEST #1) PURE DARK CHOCOLATE to the COLDEST #3) COCOA BUTTER/ WHITE CHOCOLATE & #2) The Middle MILK CHOCOLATE!!! They will run for 2 to 3 hours with the heater between 40 to 45 Degrees C.  Then after it is thoroughly MELTED You start the wheel & select the type of Chocolate you are Tempering. Then when it reaches the correct temperature it is ready to stop & mold!! 

The question is how much of each type of chocolate do you plan on tempering per batch?? Also you can ONLY TEMPER WHITE CHOCOLATE with WHITE or COCOA BUTTER. DARK CHOCOLATE with DARK & so forth. But how many KILOGRAMS will you be tempering per batch?? 8KG, 15KG, 30KG or more. You can get some quality Tempering Machines from www.alibaba.com. 

Do you want a bench top Tempering Machine, A Table Tempering Machine with Vibrating Table for your molds With Belt??? You can buy some real good Tempering Machines That will do almost everything for under $5,000 Dollars. You can get some Real Nice Tempering Machines with Vibrating Table for around $3,000 Dollars. But, if you are going to make the investment. get something with everything you need & big enough that you don't grow out of it in THREE (3) months. 

The ONLY problem from purchasing the equipment online or from China. Is what I found out with ONE (1) item a bought a Hydraulic Cocoa Butter Press. I had received TWO (2) separate videos of the company making Cocoa Butter with the Machine!! #1) with a White Bag & Felt Pad. & #2) They put everything in the chamber without anything. Also, they (Manufacturer) used (NIBBS) & not COCOA PASTE/Chocolate Liquor as I have always read about!!. Video #1) The oil look like a DIRTY CREAMY COLOR. Like it still needed filtered. Video #2) Looked like WATERY CHOCOLATE!!! Almost DARK BROWN in color. This NEEDED FILTERED REAL BADLY!!! Both of these were with the (NIBBS). So the Bag & Felt Pad Filtered a lot of Solids out of the oil./ Cocoa Butter.

But, I can imagine putting the COCOA PASTE/CHOCOLATE LIQUOR into the Bag & add the Felt Pad on top, then as it press the PASTE/LIQUOR being SQUEEZED THROUGH THE BAG & FELT CLOTH & MAKING A TERRIBLE MESS??? Just putting is into the CHAMBER as VIDEO #2) SHOWED without anything!! I IMAGINE A SUPER CHOCOLATE MESS!!!

I beg anyone out there, who has used a press & made cocoa Butter to please, explain the PROCESS to me?? I can understand it with the (NIBBS), but with the PASTE/LIQUOR either way I imagine a BIG MESS. Please, can anyone help me to understand this PROCESS of COCOA BUTTER & especially Filtering out the solids?? Please help me.