Chocolate hollow mold spinners

Marc Forrat
09/30/14 10:18:31PM
Hi everyone, marc forrat here. I'm a new member of TCL.I've been tired of paying crazy prices for equipment and have decided that since I have been a chocolatier for years. I also deserve help from equipment and since I refuse to pay exorbitant prices for it, I have teamed up with a friend that owns an automation company and we are creating equipment for my company that really works well and is costing us a fraction of the cost of buying from the big guys.I have created a hollow mold spinner that holds 16 double moulds 275x375 conventional polycarbonate moulds. I can now make 96 Easter bunnies at once and 32 santa clause at once as well. The speed is adjustable and all made from North American parts. I am now working on a kit of 3 conveyor belts with pouring curtain style funnel to enrobing caramels etc. That one will fit on a wheel tempering machine. If anyone has interest in finding out more, I can send you pictures of the spinner and within the next few weeks, our mini enrober will also be ready. I will continue designing and building equipment to help smaller guys like us to simplify our lives as I believe that the less we have to spend on equipment, the more we can have our customers enjoy a lower price point and focus on satisfying our customers as opposed to having to make our customers paying for expensive equipment as opposed to pay for our skill and the quality of our concoctions. My email is please contact me if you are interested.