Tempering machine needed in India

10/08/13 12:51:21AM
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I know this has been covered plenty of times but I'd still appreciate your help.

We are looking for a tempering machine in India. Volumes are not too big, we produce around 25 kg per day. However, we need to change couvertures quite often. We look for a sustainable machine with possibly a dealer in India. That would allow us to get services and repair here. Moreover, we need the machine very soon.

Can anyone recommend a machine to me?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Vamshi Krishna Y R
11/01/13 03:56:22AM
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Lea, You can check the website makechocolates.com. You can find all the stuff you need here.

11/01/13 04:04:29AM
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Thanks for the tip! We have settled for a machine now.

Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
02/01/14 01:49:28PM
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Hi Lea,

Would appreciate to know what machine have you purchased and its performance? Thanks in advance for your reply.



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